157-126 125-101 100-76 75-51 50-26 25-11 10-1

75. Yuri
... see writeup
Source: Infinite Space (1/1)
Nominator: Natwaf (3/6)

Oooookay a bit of conflict here and he should definitely rank hire via looks BUT this was my first image

WHICH, don't get me wrong is still pretty hot

but then I see this young form

this is seriously top 5 hotness right here, probably top 3, and even candidate for #1

familiarity I obviously have none and the wiki sucks for describing him, not even giving a personality bio wth! so uh... not hateable personality marks at least? +ultrahotty points so here we are

74. Sirius Black
Source: Harry Potter (1/1)
Nominator: Genny (2/6)

Appearance-wise he ain't great... in fact, the image I have of him is more of his ratty prisoner appearance

which really gave me the creeps a lot

I'm not really that into the harry potter series so I forget a lot of details but in the peter pettigrew seen oh god creepy but good and lol ambiguity LET'S KILL HIM ALREADY.................... NO, THE RAT!

and somehow he goes from this to like harry's superdad of love love I could hardly really follow but okay I'm glad things turned well for him and he easily ended up in my fav potter characters, probably #1?
73. Fox Mulder
Source: The X-Files (1/1)
Nominator: Snake555555 (3/6)

Iiiiiiiiiiiii have never really watched the show! Most of what I know of X-files from other shows referencing it… particularly that old Simpsons episode.
Don’t really wanna waste more time on the 70s so I don’t really wanna go through youtubing again but basically, he’s up here for cuteness. Actually if I think about it, he kinda reminds me of Francis York Morgan from earlier in the list… the same kind of generic features but surprisingly adorable personality wise, and Mulder more-so plus nice looking.
72. Happy
Source: Fairy Tail (1/1)
Nominator: Ermine (2/6)

Dunno wtf he from but love the design, simple but cuteness perfection
Also makes him look goofy and stupid… which he totally is and that’s good for me! I like goofy stupid types since I’m certainly guilty of it myself.

Um yeah that’s about it for him. Not much in the way of depth with this one I just simply love him for very little reason!
71. Cloud Strife
Source: Final Fantasy (5/11)
Nominator: Owl (4/5)

Hmmmmm I guess this seems like the right spot for Cloud on my list yeah. I actually do like the guy, just nowhere near to the degree many do. Not a huge FF7 fan, and the only character I notably like would be Yuffie… buuuuut uh yeah not much wrong with Cloud. I do think people completely mischaracterize him though which is weird, like… make him actually less appealing than he is. Basically what a lot of fans seem to like is more Zack Fair than Cloud Strife whereas I like and understand both parts of Cloud, the cool guy, and his character developments, accepting who he really is.

But uh yeah Motorcycle Cloud is the best so… I can see why people want that Cloud forever.

I haven’t played/watched much in the way of FF7 sequels though so I can’t speak for too much of his “developed” character so I’ll just stop at that.

Actually though during these months of my rankings I’ve started liking him more… because of the Smash DLC. Putting him in Smash Bros, where there’s so many characters I love, yet his gameplay was just so damn fun that he easily shot right up into my most played characters, hell I could hardly stop using him for a while. Just for this I should probably bump him up but oh well. Smash’s DLC characters tho seriously they were awesomely unique, that’s the best thing about them.
70. Dante
Source: Devil May Cry (1/1)
Nominator: Mac Arrowny (4/5)

Hmmmmmmmmm he should be much higher, but I haven't played any DMC games... but they're like the games I wish I'd play most specifically because whatever I see of Dante in I just love - DMC Dante at least. Even without playing the original games, DmC Dante is still a major turn-off.

The Dante I see (now a bit confirmed through PxZ2) is hot and goofy and yet for some reason reminds me of another husbando of mine, Leon Kennedy... visually I guess there's a similarity but what I recently found out (woah) is they share the same JP voice actor.... that shouldn't really be a factor tho since I only knew English Leon until PxZ2

Dante is a whole bunch more playful though, actually from seeing random DMC cutscenes he really does seem to be Male Bayonetta which hey that works he's hot, and Bayo's awesome

I also have experience with him through MvC3! Which I liked him in yet again! I mean god damn demon guitar attacks man how much cooler does it get, along with Alucard (husbando)-esque red coat demonic gunz powers

so yeah

Leon + Bayo + Alucard + super stud hotness = Dante = <3

should definitely bump him since he's probably one of my favs in PxZ2 atm
69. Joseph Joestar
Source: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (1/2)
Nominator: SSBM_Guy (3/5)

My first thought upon seeing this pop up in the list again is ".... huh I don't remember a single thing, this must be too high since I totally remember Dio

and I probably was hasty because looking up again I still have no memory

and yet... he still seems totally fine here

he's legit the hottest JoJo I've seen and now I youtube

... this joking personality I like

then I see he's Old Man Joestar

bahahahah I could just listen to this voice for hours not even knowing what he's saying and still be happy. said before in Dio's writeup how I've never watched the show but I've never got this kind of joy seeing the other main dude Jotaro

he can stay here
68. Tadashi Hamada
Source: Big Hero 6 (1/1)
Nominator: Raka (1/6)

let me preface this by admitting that I really don't care about Disney stuff, never have, and yes that includes new stuff (so yeah, I've never seen Frozen)

same goes for Pixar too, I know they've put out greatly acclaimed stuff but I dunno I just don't bother. I guess I don't really expand beyond my own areas much since really I don't explore new movies much at all

Big Hero 6 though is a case where I was pulled into watching it - my brother's girlfriend (at the time, now ex) brought the movie over some day for them to watch and said I'd like it (I think the awkward logic she used was, "it stars japanese characters"), so they watched it in the living room with me. And yeah I enjoyed it.

Still not in love or anything and really can't say that I have any notable appreciation of the characters - EXCEPT for Tadashi who I actually really liked! (and baymax)

maybe there is something to dat japanese character bias

we don't get much of him (lol oops spoilers), but what we do get is just a pretty relatable... uh... genius engineery dude

he just seems like a real life human!

his role is basically as a familial inspiration for main-dude and he's portrayed really well for all the TENDER CARINGNESS stuff and it just makes you care about him like family too.... and husbandos / waifus to me are people you accept into your family and treat them as such so it's easy points for him!
67. TM Revolution
Source: real life (6/13)
Nominator: voltch (1/6)

okay I yeah I know nothing about him other than:

he's hot
hot and japanese
hot japanese music person

.. the japanese dude bias is real


oh kenshin heart of sword I remember that's alrights... lots of gundam seed, eh? I can dig that

ooo some sort of long standing thing with Sengoku Basara?! I wish I played those games more because what little I did was amazingly hilarious

he... he has 5 hello kitty keychains based on him?!

... this is bump worthy

but yeah I really don't know much else about him than HOT JAPANESE MUSIC GUY... and this is how far that gets him!

after those major grouping of low placements, voltch's last guy finally drops pretty decently in the front half of the list!
66. John Constantine
Source: Hellblazer (1/1)... or rather, should just... DC Comics (1/3)?
Nominator: Snake5555 (2/6)

I thiiiiiink I might've heard of him a little bit before....... oh wait no that was still ABOUT the show - the whole drama over HE'S NOT GONNA SMOKE ON THE SHOW... which... well, I despise smoking since I have my brother as a roommate so meh, but hey I understand and it works with his character

anyways yeahhh, while the nom source is "hellblazer", lmao me and comics, I just know from the tv series. but I love him in it so that should be good to base this whole ranking on!

in fact, the more time passes the more I love him, especially since that recent ep he appeared on Arrow made me realize this

like, when the show was starting I was pretty meh to it all but the couple eps before the midseason it seriously started becoming my favourite show of the whole bunch of Comic Shows, just a tight cast of characters that were pretty enjoyable and stuff started getting real....... unfortunately no season to... WITH THAT SEASON 1 FINALLY TOO GOD DAMMIT


he's exactly the kind of guy that makes me feel familiar/nostalgic with my punk rock upbringing as his personality and appearance gives of the a total Sex Pistols vibe - which he even mentions in the show! and looking up Constantine on wiki yeah his love of punk rock and Sex Pistols is noted there~

if asked now I'd probably say Constantine is easily my favourite character in all the recent comic series tv shows, he's just casual and a bit of a playful dick but still a decent guy all around and that's the most familiar to me - the kind of people that society often views as bad seeds but are really totally good people, I love it

Yeahhhhh Constantine should DEFINITELY be many places above this now that I've had so much time to let it him sink in and become a legitimately Favourites List of characters for me. If I were to just make my own husbandos list he'd probably be on it which is more than I can say for like 90% of the noms.

also the whole occult magic powers stuff really works well with him especially his relationship with Manny

and when he used that spell that made Manny a mortal for a while oh god that was the best thing

yeah I'm just gonna call it here, Constantine should absolutely be in the Top 15 of this list for me now
65. Alan Shore
Source: Boston Legal (1/1)
Nominator: Sir Chris (3/6)

I've only seen Boston Legal in like a few snippets when the show is sometimes on at my mom's place (by sometimes I mean like, it has happened at least 2 or 3 times!) and I just catch like the last half hour or so of some episodes

But still, it seems pretty funny and I should probably watch it! It just doesn't cross my mind often, but this guy and Shatner are really amusing in it.

His appearance is kinda generic elite dude (aka a lawyer) with a bit of cuteness but from what little I've seen he's top tier talent and intellect with a kind of blunt chaotic joking personality and he gives no shits what people think of him.

... at least, again, from the little bit I've seen. but I enjoyed.

also this is also the only youtube video I can find

64. Ladd Russo
Source: Baccano! (1/1) (really?! only 1 baccano?!)
Nominator: SSBM_Guy

I don't think I superfan much complete selfish sociopath homicidal criminals often, but Ladd is impossible not to enjoy... and it certainly helps that the main good guys in his plotline are the lamest bunch in the show.

*glares at Jacuzzi Splot*

Ladd's definitely one of the biggest dicks around and he's just so gleeful about it, basically child-like... for murder, which as awesome.

Still though... his appearance doesn't really draw me although he's not bad look or anything. That's always kept me from loving him too much. Plus, y'know, Claire is the best character and they enemies SO
63. Falco Lombardi
Source: Star Fox (3/3)
Nominator: red13n (3/6)

Falco's always been a guy that I've really liked but always kept him at a distance. Mainly since, for whatever reason I'm not even sure WHY to be honest, Fox has always been my guy on the team... actually Slippy was my #1 as a kid with SF64 I think... I love the colour green and slippy was fun to laugh at...... and I still liked using him in Assault.

Falco was always my brother's "character" though... plus his best friend's, so that's kinda why I didn't focus on him - he was already spoken for! I mean he's THE cool guy on the group. I also kinda linked him with Vegeta mentally.. largely since they had the same, plentiful fans. Oh yeah my sister was also Pro-Falco. EVERYONE WAS.

Melee I actually did enjoy playing Fox but never really bothered too much with Falco. Once more, my brother did! So just reinforced Fox as my character and Falco as his

... I'm gonna have to basically copy/paste this for Fox's write-up later on.

So yeah Falco is the cool guy as I said, he even looks like a cocky little freak. I guess birds are just naturally that... sharp looking. He's always been like the original tsun dude since he's pretty clearly a nice guy but all "shut up!" and "you suck!"-like. And I have a thing for tsunderes.

Also might I say that that image up top I imagine is from Star Fox Zero is absolutely perfect.

let it also be known that I accidentally typo'd his name as "falcom lombardi" which made me giggle
62. Arata Wataya
Source: Chihayafuru (1/2)
Nominator: Natwaf (2/6)


... what?! who even... this guy right away visually isn't my type at alllll! And I'm pretty sure I remember a different Chihayafuru character ranked that at least had the hotness vote to bump him... to a significantly lower position than this still...

*checks ranking*

.. oh yeah this guy, I remember he was like sometimes hot but some times really really off-putting looking whereas this guy here is at least a constant "who cares"


yeah, I don't know what this show is, I don't like short haired megane dudes, especially with generic black (or blue) hair - particularly as husbandos at least.

well, I did like kuroko no basket's captain dude decently enough

he was p cool

*reads up on this guy*

... I do like kind, quiet, shy but thoughtful types, which I don't usually attribute to these generic megane dudes. but but it's totally how I live yo, I gotta love that


that's all I have to go on


I guess ultra-bland, but misleading appearance + slice of life-ish I assume anime bump... but even then his appearance doesn't seem THAT misleading since he's still notably an "intelligent" type which goes hand in hand with the megane


should lower
61.5 Kanki Tomoya
Source: real life (*5.5/13)
Nominator: NioraptH (...*6.5/6)

One OK Rock drummer which give points inherently, but like all drummers... he's background fodder and doesn't really give much presence. Not even Drummer Presence really, like Dave Grohl and his shirtless self... actually One OK's Ryouta gives off more of a DRUMMER what with HIS shirtlessness and and tongue of evil.

Nevertheless tho, I mean... he's okay looking-ish. I guess shy moe drummer is kind of a cute mash in its own right but still he lacks the personality and yaoi of other One OK members

61. Johan Liebert
Source: Monster (1/1)
Nominator: Ark (3/5)

... I have no idea why but I forget literally every single thing about Monster. EVERYTHING.

I watched it some time in my first couple or 3 years on B8 since it sounded like kind of a big deal and Mumei so yeah I watched it


I remember the main character was a doctor named Tenma, I remember Johan's a psycho killer of sorts and Tenma saved his life as a young patient for a gunshot to the head. And there was this experimental orphanage thing. which I'm not sure if I have memories of that itself, or movie with some sort of similar thing

anyways so while he is this cold devious dude, he sort of "kind" to Tenma... in his own really twisted way... it's kinda adorable

I think

I don't wanna look anything up because I really wanna re-watch Monster since I'm pretty sure it would be like a fresh experience for me now

as for his position here... yeah I dunno maybe it is a bit high for someone I hardly remember but he's... interesting. and his face (and a SMILE) is such a mind-burnable image

which oh yeah he's kinda got average appearance but but the way he carries himself is like... such perfection


I think
60. Izaya Orihara
Source: Durarara!! (2/2)
Nominator: tazzy (1/3)

59. Heiwajima Shizuo
Source: Durarara!! (1/2)
Nominator: blindhoboKate (3/5)

Assssss mentioned last night for these two - I haven't seen their source material Durarara!! like many things. I've seen it pop up places so it's another thing I've meant to look into but lol I don't do much in my life. Despite it coming up fairly often tho I don't even have any clue what kind of show it is! At least not before looking up things for the rankings.

Anyways so now for the characters, starting with Izaya... or actually wait let me just start about them both because..

They're both hot. In fact I can't even tell who's hotter. Their faces/eyes are pretty similar, sharp evillish kind of shark faces, and hell Izaya looks awesome with that knife, and Shizuo has them sunglasses and my blonde bias

actually... Shizuo looks better in concept images in fanart

but I might actually say Izaya looks better in the actual show... I guess his hair is easier to draw, and the sunglasses don't always work for Shizuo

but damn fanart nails him into hotness perfection tier

I really need to do the hotness ranking after finishing this list


Well, from looks I'd imagine they're both kinda violent tough guys, Izaya more for chaos although maybe not necessarily *evil* but just for his own enjoyment while Shizuo more... blunt thuggish delinquency... and looking up, it seems I'm pretty close! Izaya is interested in observing how people react which includes how they struggle although a bit outside of what I was thinking this is very low key manipulative of him. Was thinking more scrap than strategy but woooo. This "he plays both sides so that whoever wins, he wins" piece sounds pretty interesting, I'd like to see how that plays out!

Izaya sounds pretty hard to top... but just like with the appearances category, Shizuo really hits my biases. What I guessed about a blunt delinquent was also kind of true although less-so... but wow perfectly fitting for me actually guessing their appearances-by-looks is how Shizuo's brute appearance is how people see him apparently, but "deep down" he's not just a nice guy, but quiet and doesn't even like violence! Which is a total bias of mine, like Tomoyo Okazaki (note: he's in this ranking!)... it's probably a sympathy I have because of how I was pretty much raised during my teens with my sister as like a protector / guardian figure of mine and she's always had a rather hardcore punk appearance that people would judge her by, even belittled by other family members and I've eventually in turn become pretty protective of her. And daaaamn to make Shizuo even more perfect... he's literally a bodyguard lmao. So I can even relate too since I really really reallllllly hate conflict but sometimes just kinda explode to my sister's defense.

Also heh, Shizuo has a lol EXPLANATION OF HIS STRENGTH which is kinda neat... "normally the brain restricts one's power in response to pain to prevent serious indury, but shizuo doesn't have this restriction so can FULL POWER" and his body would eventually be strengthened from all these pokemon-esque recoil beatings and now he it doesn't wreck him

which is pretty funny

Both seem cool an right up my alley (and yes hot) so it definitely makes me more interested in watching the anime! They could go up pretty high after.
58. Roy Mustang
Source: Fullmetal Alchemist (1/1)
Nominator: Drakeryn (3/5)

Pretty popular character from a pretty popular anime/manga!... But uh... honestly when I got to watching FMA... I found both pretty overrated. However as I understand it the anime pretty much diverges completely from the source manga around ep30 or so, I guess like Hellsing's original TV adaptation... but still, wasn't the anime also liked? Still though I guess I should watch FMA:B since I guess it's the real deal and I don't think I've heard any complaints.

In FMA though... I don't think Roy was really that present? He's like a tough high ranking leader kinda guy and his awesome gloves and fire power makes him into a pretty cool hotshot from the start but... I wish I got more of it. I dunno, I kinda found Armstrong more entertaining. But hey I still might put Roy a in the top 3 because I can't recall liking too many characters tbqh. Al sucks hard.

Appearance-wise he's pretty hot, I mean kinda average hairstyle but but with them gloves and snapping his fingers you just gotta be in awe watching.

gotta head off to my hometown right now~ continue laterz
57. Rufus Shinra
Source: Final Fantasy (4/11)
Nominator: Jesse_Custer (4/4)

Huh this is odd but... I think my preferred image of him is... his original in-game model

I can't believe I'm saying this but who the f*** is this blonde a******?! Damn Advent Children makes him look like ass, he completely lost all his swag =|

Anyways this portion of the list is clearly "I don't remember much" section because once more... I really don't remember much about Rufus beyond the fight on the roof of Shinra. I don't even remember much at all about the Turks tbqh, and yet I'd probably fav Reno for the CloudxReno yaoi.

But uh... he's Shinra. But mostly, that lab coat and shotgun just makes him look boss and I probably gave him a bit of a personal bump due to relative ranking with Cloud not too many placements back.
56. Simon
Source: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2/2)
Nominator: WhiteLens (4/5)

Dammit for some reason Google really doesn't have much in the way of official Simon images for some reason, at least not adult Simon who is the main husbandoable version.

Kid-Simon I wasn't much of a fan and I was always a big Kamina lover. Sure Simon finds the little Lagann but then right away Kamina's just highjacking the Beastmen's mechs. Simon's strength pretty much came from Kamina pushing him, and continuing later in life by full-on emulating the guy. But hey can't fault Simon for emulating true greatness.

also lmao jealousy over Yoko are ya serious little man you and Yoko are a horrible match, Kamina x Yoko was the perfect ship from day 1.

Nia tho, best thing to happen to Simon. Iunno it was just a sweet relationship and Simon was more caring than with her than you'd ever really see. He becomes more and more of a Kamina rip-off sure, and I wish I could have Kamiya Kamiya but ahwell. He's more of a "pure" version to boot and not as rockin' punk or motivational as Kamina. He's more self-centered if I kinda think about it... not that he does things for or even respects himself specifically but he only really cares about Nia and I don't really think of him as much of a pal to his crew... but I can actually relate, I honestly don't care about others much unless they're REALLY close to me, but those people are close are very dear to me.

Movie TTGL tho god damn Simon's Super TTGL is quite the beef, and so SIMON. Simon himself... actually has a pretty solid bod that Kamina never even had, but eh I prefer Kamina's slim swordsman physique anyways.

I really like him in the ending though, both from the Wedding Scene, and as Old Man Simon. That devotion to Nia, even though he can't be with in the end he still fulfilled holding her in his heart~ TRUE LOVE aaaa it touches me~ I like to think I'm similar and even think of myself as an old lonely hermit in the end just helping out the kids of the future~... not sure I'll be as awesome manly as Old Man Simon though but hey my dad's an awesome manly old man..... wait holy s*** he's also old hermit teacher too omg.

.... hmmm bump Simon up later. I kinda really do relate to him more than I thought about.

55. Spike Spiegel

Source: Cowboy Bebop (1/1)
Nominator: flubbin (4/6)


54. Zidane Tribal

Source: Final Fantasy (3/13)
Nominator: Steiner (2/5)


53. Solid Snake

Source: Metal Gear (2/2)
Nominator: Mac Arrowny (3/5)


52. Albedo
Source: Xenosaga (1/1)
Nominator: Drakeryn (2/5)

*write-up written at #108*

... Sorry to do this to you again Drak but, damn I think I got this guy too low too! I haven't really looked things back up again but I've been hyped to get to him because of remembering things about him I liked. I haven't even played any Xenosagas but I really like this guy as a villain. From the sounds of it!

I guess just starting off with the negatives - a) he isn't attractive. He's not AWFUL but... bleh, not a fan of this short spiky white hair and a face you just immediately recognize as, welll........ b) he's nuts. not like hahaha yo man you crazy nuts but like total out of his mind psychopath kind of nuts.

Yet... that's also a good thing about him! The guy's brimming with actual character which is why he's left such an impression on me despite knowing nothing about him before! I don't really wanna look up videos of him again since I kinda wanna forget and play the games, but I watched some when initially ranking and it was like wow this guy's nuts, hilarious, and I love it.

And then, to make up for the super psycho murderousness of him...... I feel sympathy to his story. He's been through so much and wants to die but he can't... so sounds about right that he'd do whatever it he thinks he can to accomplish it, because why the f*** not, he wouldn't be living anyways! Easy to see how he can go into "f*** s*** up" mode if he's trapped into living. He had people he loved, but again he knew his immortality would eventually take them from him. Of course he despises life, and loves the opposite.

T_T I want to be with him, immortalize me and let helppp

annnnd wait just a second I just read his full name, including the last...... piazzolla............ no.... PIZZA ROLL. albedo piazzolla... I'LL BE DUH PIZZA ROLL

this is worthy of a bump dammit but TOO LATE

... f*** IT I'M BUMPING HIM UP /writingthisagesago

*note I'm not proofreading, just posting this straight from doc~
51. Leon
Source: Rune Factory (2/2)
Nominator: Lopen (1/6)

Hmmmm I like Leon, buuuut I don't really get much of an impression off of him. He's a big teaser and a "deep down really caring guy", but he's kinda too uninvolved with the town I think... or maybe I just don't interact with him enough! I can't even really think of his role in the town after you save him, like Amber basically becomes Illuminata's daughter that helps her out at the flower store, Dylas is SUPER thankful to Porco for taking him in at the bakery... Leon.... just feels there.


[large gap]
[laaaaaarger gap somehow]

Vishnal's definitely my #2 husbando and I always just figured Leon was my #3... but actually, and it's SHOCKING to me... I do Arthur > Leon. Despite Arthur being so UGLY MEGANE PRINCE, he's actually really nice and snarky yet kind and helpful.

Leonnnnnn... is hot. Both appearance-wise and personality. Kitsune definitely the best monster for hotness potential (I mean I love you Dylas but A HORSE?!) and he DOES go for the hotness route... butttttttt again, even his expressions are often just so detached.

but best robe, best chest

and dat fan, so Zhuge Liang...

157-126 126-101 100-76 75-51 50-26 25-11 10-1