157-126 125-101 100-76 75-51 50-26 25-11 10-1

50. Shunsui Kyouraku
Source: Bleach (1/1)
Nominator: Murphiroth (2/6)

... Eh?! I've only seen the first episode of Bleach so I don't know this guy of course, and... while yeah he visually looks like one of those sultry types... he's not particularly hot, kinda ojii-san.

Also something I think is well over-due to be noted... I have a complex relationship with samurais. I can like them sometimes just because, well, awesome swordsmans... but I do have a bias against them due to my deep love of #TeamNinja.

And yeah this guy is full of samurai features.

I do like flirts tho which he assuredly is, along with a laid-back... nice guy attitude? Hmmmm, he's the type that doesn't like fighting but has the talent for it and just tries to keep the peace. Like Gohan~

Still probably a bit too high, but he hits my types

49. Voldo
Source: Soul Calibur (3/3)
Nominator: Owl (3/5)


I never really paid much attention to Voldo’s plot, but nevertheless I’ve just always loved him since I entered the series with SC2. As far as I know he’s never said a word… and whaddaya know, “he’s incapable of sight and speech”! Just… groans and hisses. The most recognizable “human” aspect of him is I dunno, looking like his BDSM gear.

… Which is why it’s probably odd that I SOMEHOW and I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW feel some sort of affinity with him?! I mentioned this earlier in I think the last topic when Owl realized Voldo’s still in this – I tend to like creepy unrecognizably humanoid characters which often includes wearing a mask or some sort of caged headgear, like with Crystal Chronicle’s Yuke tribe. Heck I kinda relate them to myself since my common alias “GuessMyUserName” gives me like a masked image, which other people like Lisel and Raka have also picked up… woahhh still has an old 2012 raka drawing…

… and it’s the entire reason I chose the Mesmer class in Guild Wars 2! Although FUN FACT my brother actually enjoys going out in public wearing masks for some reason and I find it super super weird of him, like any other normal person. Real life and fantasy life are separate realms man!


Anyways, Voldo is like one of my earliest nostalgic characters of that type, althouogh technically I was introduced to Yoshimitsu sooner (via a sleepover that had Tekken~) which kinda fits, but nothing could Trump Voldo’s creepy-ass moveset and LOBSTER CRAWLING.
48. Bruce Wayne
Source: Batman (1/2)… or DC Comics (1/4)
Nominator: Jesse_Custer (3/4)

Kiiinda complex, me ‘n Batman. Like, I’m clearly not a huge comics guy although I do watch the movies, but I know people really love their Batman a lot. I like him too, buuut I dunno I guess I just often carry a bias against popular characters.

Still tho, Batman these days is pretty cool and definitely more likeable than most superheroes are. He’s actually shown to be pretty logical and can drop some real truth bombs. Yet… I find his outfit unappealing tbqh, I dunno! I can never really take it seriously for some reason! *shrug*

There’s also 1960s Batman tho, which I’ve finally, and fortunately I’ve had the pleasure of watching some time ago! Gosh I can’t even remember how long ago it was but I know I mentioned it in Dick Grayson’s writeup… OHSHIT THAT ONE PURGED NOOOO.

60s Batman is the goddest of tiers, so deliciously after-school superhero. Now I have to repeat THE BEST SCENE because purge: Batman & Robin were tracking the baddies and he had to get intel from a bar, so there they were outside it in the batmobile, then Batman announced WAIT IN THE CAR ROBIN, YOU’RE NOT OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE YET SO YOU CAN’T FOLLOW… EVEN THOUGH HE’S, Y’KNOW, A MASKED VIGILANTE, STILL GOTTA FOLLOW THE LAW!



But but SOMEBODY DRUGS IT. And then Batman’s all woozy and goes to his car and is stopped by the cops who say I THINK YOU’VE HAD TOO MUCH TO DRINK BATMAN, I’M GONNA HAVE TO TAKE YOUR KEYS.





So yeah he’s adorable and I love him and all his perfect utilities such as literal shark bite repellant spray. I’d love to watch the rest of the episodes but gah not sure if it’d be the same for reasons…
47. Shoichi Kazama
Source: Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai (1/1)
Nominator: ssjknuxmagician or somethange (3/5)

Heh, every time during this ranking when I saw some Japanese anime name I didn’t recognize I’d go “oh is it that hot headband guy?!... Now he’s finally shown up! I think he’s my highest ranking complete unknown? Now for me to remember why…

Well for starters, there’s a reason I always keep thinking about him: he’s hot. Super-hot, in a more unique kind of way too! And that’s probably like 99% of the reason right there tbqh. Buuuuut he wouldn’t be anywhere near this high if he seemed like a jackass!

I always relate to the carefree don’t-give-a-damn-about-grades types and he’s a fun-loving one! Unfortunately… damn I can’t find youtubes of anime anymore, I thought I remember looking up some clips and having a laugh… hrm… well I can find one thing!

… It doesn’t have Shouichi in it, or is even about him, but I like. Yes, BIG SHOCK I love my ecchi.

I do tho love how the katakana on the pickle reads MAI BIGGU MAGUNAMU
46. Sesshoumaru
Source: Inuyasha (1/1)
Nominator: Jesse_Custer (2/4)

I mentioned during Spike’s write-up (WHICH WAS LOST GODDAMMIT) that Canada really didn’t get much anime at all, like Cartoon Network’s YYH / Bebop / Triguns and such… but the hardest of cores that I CAN remember having is Inuyasha. It aired at like 10pm on YTV, and while I didn’t really follow it muuuuch I caught some episodes of it here and there growing up.

I actually started watching it from the beginning recently! But… interrupted with school and other shows and moving around family and such like everything else these days. I last got to the first Inuyasha vs Sesshoumaru fight in the dad’s tomb annnd I totally remember seeing that ep as a kid! Or the ep before at least, finding the tomb in Inuyasha’s eye.

Sesshoumaru is… the most gorgeous of gorgeous villains aaaaaaaaaaa. Like what the hell Inuyasha looks like such a brat but then his brought is MOONLIGHT GODDESS. He’s got long beautiful hair with a thin handsome face, sharp eyes, and GORGEOUS MOON FORHEAD SYMBOL, plus the feral cheek line paint that makes me think of Princess Mononoke’s badass San. Then he’s got his beautiful kimono with his elegant swords and armour and waist-tie aaa… and then uh… GIANT FLUFF OF FUR OVER HIS SHOULDER. FLUFFIEST OF FLUFF STUFF.

Yeah yeah he’s evil but he’s such a good pure demon character that just makes it MAGICAL ART, the way he fights and everything is too beautiful as well that you have to accept his evil! And um dog form fluffy. Also lmao wat that little imp of his Jaken okay.

I don’t really wanna do much reading up on him because I do want to finish watching it all soooo yeah that’s all~
45. Cody
Source: Street Fighter (1/1)
Nominator: Hobokates (2/5)

I'mmmm actually not a fan of Street Fighter. I mean for some reason I don't even know I have a lot of fighting games even though I'm terrible at them - like 90% of my multiplayer PS3 games are fighting games.

I'm just really shallow about my fighters tho. I want my hotties, be 'em dudes or ladies... so like... KoF and SoulCal. Also Bloody Roar because dat character select jiggle... and Bakuyru... who uh I like because his name sounds cool and he's a ninja and a ninja mole.

I find SF characters pretty unappealing, Cammy's the only girl I like, and on the male side my main has always been... E. Honda.


I mean, Cody's actually pretty hot. And blonde. Luckily for him SF4 was my first SF since 2, because in SF4 he's easily the hottest of the bunch - yes, more than Ken - and as I've mentioned before I take that kind of relative-to-other-characters-in-game stuff seriously, seriously enough to bump him up this high in the list because... I still am not THAT in love with him, and in fact still main E. HONDA over him so hard.

SF3 Ken tho is absolutely the hottest character in the SF series, but I never played it so I didn't get attached to him~... even though literally my taekwondo teacher as a child was called Master Ken.

I also do like the whole chained prisoner thing, makes me think of ToS's Regal Bryant who I totes husbando
44. Spike
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1/2)
Nominator: Jesse_Custer (1/4)

Alllright yeah like I mentioned with Angel my memories of Buffy is beyond foggy since I was such a babby when it aired so I never followed it aside from random pieces while channel flipping

billy idol bias tho

Semi-related note all the youtube spike montages are filled with nostalgic punk rock groups like the ramones (complete with a spike quote singing ramones~) and obv billy idol. This just cements me onto #TeamSpike!

Yes I've mentioned billy idol twice, now thrice but that's exactly Spike's style... even though he's not really that attractive... hey looks like the like a cool guy to be around! And hey better to look like Billy Idol than Stewart Francis (as much as I am a fan of his comedy!)

So yeah I like his style, but Spike's main points is that he's just so charming and hilarious! The whole sarcastic cynical teasing and joker attitude is da best, and when he's together with Mr. Dullsville, Spike's personality just shines since he's so much more fun.

For ultimate husbando qualities tho, Spike has something I can't judge most on the list about... ROMANCE~ At least looking up spike clips gets me lots of buffy scenes and... I actually feel for him an nak cry T_T... I didn't care tooo much from the equivalent Angel vids, but with Spike I feel sympathy! He feels more raw / REAL, compared to Angel's more teen dream fluff.

... heh, now noticing Sex Pistols fan mention in the wiki. Of course. BUT SINGING SID'S MY WAY?! I MUST SEE

YESSSS <3... and even Sid & Nancy version oh gosh the nostalgia
43. Nightmare
Source: Soul Calibur (2/3)
Nominator: Genny (1/6)

Hrmmmmmm looking at all the SoulCal noms is kinda hair-pulling since they got such different good qualities. I kinda think I messed up all their rankings, relatively... Voldo shockingly might be my most husbando of them?!

Damn I actually love SoulCal dudes. I mean I mentioned in Cody's writeup how superficial I am with fighters which often amounts to BOOBIES, but SoulCal characters are just damn cool.

What makes it harder to truly pick a SoulCal husbando is... my SoulCal husbando was..... LINK. SC was one of my huge loves and I was a Link mainer through and through, which cut into my other SoulCal Male choosing. Aaaactually I think my number two was... NECRID. I dunno I love weirdos and the colour green trumps all.

Anyways. I love Nightmare's design, he's like my ultimate berserker-type design. I loooove Soul Edge and it makes him into such a perfect armoured knight monster guy - top tier badass sword, and dat gigantic MONSTER CLAW with full on knight armour and even his helmet is filled with that kind of personality. And when you've got his Siegfried "version" right there to see what's inside this monster, it's really cool. I actually don't like Siegfried even, Nightmare is just so much cooler... but nonetheless the whole story of it is interesting and beneficial to Nightmare.

also I remember being very cheap with long distances

I wanna play SC2 again, might make my brother play it with me this weekend
42. Sir Chris
ummmm I'll get back to you
Source: real life (5/13)... or Board 8 (1/1)
Nominator: Owl (2/5)

Hrm. I probably put him too high to be honest! We've never really been around the same topics so I don't have much of a relationship with Chris. In fact, earlier memories were of him being kind of a dick to me. I remember something about being TUM's friend which kinda made me like a bad guy and honestly I don't have much of a clue on that stuff

but anyways! pretty much all B8ers have hated or looked down on me back in the day (still do!), so if were to take it personally from everyone individually there's no way I could stay here because I'd have to hate everyone!

So how DO I see Chris? Hrmmm... he's kind of a level headed personality, although I wouldn't really say neutral or without bias. Still though, someone that can be fairly insightful, well-spoken, and worth listening to. I mean the whole Dr. Doom stuff and other writing projects shows he does have a talent with words! And it often helps that he always seems to openly abide by a fairly consistent honour code, as one would expect from a sire~

I've noticed bunches of supporting friends morals - as mentioned with TUM yes, but also in other areas like SMFFFC, and even in regards to the whole Board 8 Community. So that kind of support is a good husbando quality! Buuuut... I personally am more of an outsider so that circle of friendship support hasn't meant much for me. Kinda like if I can recognize good N'Sync songs but but I can't appreciate because of my childhood BSB allegiances.

In the more personal / relatable area with Sir Chris I have... Pokemon memories. Specifically, Snorlax fandom IIRC! I'm getting a bit sleepy now to expand much but uh, I do believe I even named a Snorlax after Sir Chris or something. So I'll always have that at least!
41. Kilik
Source: Soul Calibur (1/3)
Nominator: Johnbob (1/6)

... This is actually what I was alluding to with my earlier mention of screwing up my SoulCal husbando rankings. I've never actually paid much a mind to Kilik ever. SC2 like I said I was focused on Link (god tier husbando), and my next in lines were the weirder characters that I just thought were really cool. Your Voldo, Nightmare, Necrid, Astaroth, Yoshimitsu, Lizardman... Berserker... and yes, even Charade I enjoyed using. On the more human side I would even have Mitsurugi as my go-to dude... and heck I'd even play Maxi more since he was just wacky fun with his nunchucks, when it came to sticks even I'd pass on Kilik for Seong Mina.

BUT... Kilik IS hot. Really really hot. And... that's all. He's that hot. I guess I love his big stick too, and then SCV came with their new-gen version characters, Kilik replaced with XIBA which was just nooooo not as good. None of the new-gens made me happy, just made me appreciate the old characters a bunch.

SCV though DID end up giving me Kilik, albeit barely recognizable... but dat relief made Kilik someone I could at least hold on to.

SO uh let me correct this: SOULCAL MALE RANKING

cow pish
Lloyd Irving
Darth Vader
Edge Master


40.5. Toru Yamashita

Source: real life (*4.5/13)
Nominator: NioraptH (*6.125/6)


hot sweaty guitarist and guitar porn yaoi material with ryouta

40. Fox McCloud

Source: Star Fox (2/3)
Nominator: red13n (2/6)


my designated Star Fox character since Assault, GC muliplayer god, but overshadowed by James the sunglasses daddy

39. Takeo Gouda

Source: 俺物語!!
Nominator: Ark (2/5)


repulsive appearance but SUCH A HEART OF LOVE despite appearance. Highest ranking unknown

38. Missile

Source: Ghost Trick (1/1)
Nominator: Ermine (1/6)


Loveable pup that's just dumb fun, aka stereotypical pomeranian (coming from a pomchi owner). And then SPOILERS holy crap wise mastermind of heroism

37. Barney

Source: How I Met Your Mother (1/1)
Nominator: Sir Chris (2/6)


Fuck Ted.

36. Reyn

Source: Xenoblade (2/2)
Nominator: Jeff Zero (4/5)

35. Akihiko Sanada
Source: Persona (1/3)
Nominator: flubbin (3/6)

Akihiko is like the dreamy cool high schooler of P3... which kinda helps him and hurts him. It helps him because yeah he's cool as beans but... he's not really top ranking in anything. Nonetheless he's just a likeable dude - mean he's a moderately attractive tough high school boxer with a bandage.

My P3 guy though is forever Shinji............ buuuuut I guess since SPOILERS, Akihiko gets much more time to shine and become more familiar with.

Buuuut I do like P3 mc more than him still, so that makes Akihiko my #3 dude... #4 if you count Koromaru... so hmmm.... I suppose this is a ranking zone where I get to people I like decently but just aren't my husbandos - ie Reyn

tl;dr short hair ain't my thing

plus akihiko has mitsuru

34. Haruka Nanase
Source: Free (2/2)
Nominator: Kate (1/5)

Yeahhhh this confirms what I just said with Akihiko - this zone is for good dudes that aren't my husbando

buuuut Haru is a bit complicated because I don't think I even liked him in Free s1

Haru is suuuuper closed off and only thinks of one thing... TO BE FREE.......STYLING

and in Free 1 he's only really good with Makoto who is super caring and gets him to interact with other people and enter the bath with him you know the usual

Season 2 though Haru actually starts resembling something a lot more like a human being. BECAUSE OF RIN, THE BEST FREE HUSBANDO WHO MANAGES TO PUSH HARU INTO CARING AND SHIT

and he does! A Haru that cares about things, about the team, about the past and about the future is a good Haru, and Rin brings it all out of him even more than Makoto accomplished because ~*~ real OTP ~*~ and when Haru becomes generally likable I can appreciate his quirks a lot better, like constantly wearing swimsuits, always wanting to be in water ASAP, and mackerel

but god damn seriously the Free ep where Rin takes Haru to austrailia is legitimately my second favourite episode of anything ever... mostly for Rin, sure, but the Rin x Haru pairing adorable and it's really satisfying in the end of the show when Haru and Rin are swimming together in the big leagues <3

33. Klonoa
Source: Klonoa (1/1)
Nominator: Karo (2/2)

Woah Klonoa making it this far... hmmmmmmm yeah that's fine actually.

I've only played the Wii Klonoa remake, and it's not really a long game and there's not much in the way of story or personality to Klonoa for me to be invested in really... and yet... this placement seems perfect.

Klonoa's design is awesome, as a creature he's a rather simple bunny-like thing yet he's... unique looking. And spunky yet adorable. And those CLOTHES with such style! With Pac-Man which makes it cooler and perfect Namco mascot material!


I really wish that Smash Bros. render thing was real because Klonoa would be awesome in it and it was perfect

At least I have the Presea costume which I loved even before knowing about Klonoa




... and lmao Klonoa Wii came with a taco coupon from a place called Wahoo's, which now makes me forever link Klonoa to tacos

32. Jeremiah Gottwald
Source: Code Geass (1/2)
Nominator: Murphiroth (1/6)

This is the first and hopefully only time I'm using fanart for the character's image... and that's just because Jeremiah is Orange-kun. That's honestly all I ever think of, that's all I even remember, I don't know why, I can't think of anything else about him but being Orange-kun. When I see the name I automatically read it as Orange-kun and picture oranges. So picture needs oranges.

I'm not lying I really only remember that and only that which was apparently funny enough to make me like him and for that to stick with me EVEN REMEMBERING NOTHING ELSE.

In the show I remember thinking very little of him since he was such an early and simple target for Lelouche's whole... Zero thing. Lulu / the show just really makes a big fool out of his character

... if I'm remembering correctly...

I remember later on what he's back like upgraded and with his mask I'd think "wtf Orange-kun really?! Orange-kun?!"

an orange mask mind you

honestly I forget a whole bunch about Code Geass, many characters, Geass stuff, the Britannia family... and Orange-kun's enhancements even.

so uh I'mma leave it at this. I never took him seriously so I don't know how he got THIS high in the list



31. Gustavo Fring
Source: Breaking Bad (2/2)
Nominator: Ark (1/5)

Fring is like the most hardcore boss of BB

From managing a chicken joint

When we meet him at first he's suuuper lowkey everyday manager while secretly scoping out Walt in plain sight, and from that right-away he's instantly the most likeable "boss" type character comparing to Tuco and Walt's own aggressive behaviors. Hiding in plain sight is right for Fring, as we see him openly "supportive" with the DEA.

And yet with his subtlety... hot damn is he more terrifyingly powerful than anyone. Not just as a superboss, but



So to sum,

Everyday Gus is adorable

Business Gus is a genius

Angry Gus is terrifying


hype for Fring in Better Call Saul next season yessssssss