157-126 125-101 100-76 75-51 50-26 25-11 10-1

157. Shinomori Aoshi
Source: Rurouni Kenshin (2/2)
Nominator: Drakeryn (5/5)

oh yeah, that thing I said earlier about "how can I husbando if I don't know you?!"...... well.... sometimes it's better not knowing someone than ABSOLUTELY DESPISING THEM. and Shinomori Aoshi is just that, f***ING EXTREME HATE YOU

In the beginning of Kenshin, whatever, decent fight but I was more into Han'nya. After that first that first arc though.... jesus christ what the fuck he's just a complete psycho thinking only of KILL KENSHIN, GET TITLE OF THE STRONGEST FOR DEAD COMRADES, KILL KEN, KILL KEN, KILL KEN, AND ONLY KEN

Completely fucking over all living loved ones of the Oniwabanshuu, aka THE GROUP OF HIS COMRADES THAT HE'S DOING THIS FOR and just a complete and total asshole. Like seriously, joining Shioshio doesn't even make sense. Wanna prove you're the strongest? Might as well kill Shioshio! That's who Ken is focused on anyways, someone who's actually a match for him, and even doing terrible shit to the country! If you think Ken is the strongest then it should be no problem for you to clear out Shishio and get then get the fight you want from Ken.






ahem, after the kyoto fire arc he's pretty plain... the whole show is pretty plain for that matter but yeah, it's nothing noteworthy

appearance-wise, I hate his hair, so plain. Face is good though........ youth Aoshi is insanely hot though, I'll give him that

156. Aguirre
Source: Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1/1)
Nominator: voltch (6/6)

first I just gotta say what the hell your noms voltchins..... no points even for this people who die theme

So Aguirre... as with all of voltch's noms, I have no idea what even. Uh. He's horrifically ugly, like so ugly I might actually get nightmares of his face if I look at it too much. Reading about him... he's a completely insane and terrifying oppressive leader type person? I couldn't even bother to read much into him since he's just so apparently awful that it's like "okay bottom of the list you go". I did youtube a bit and yeap dude's a terrifying creep.

But he's not last! I can only imagine that was your goal, but unfortunately for you somebody nommed a character I truly and wholly despise!
155. Cecil Harvey
Source: Final Fantasy (11/11)
Nominator: WhiteLens (5/5)

... Alright I'll be honest, I have like a really irrational biased hatred for the guy and I give him more hate than he probably deserves. But like too bad! Irrational personal biases is just what makes husbando rankings husbando rankings!

Cecil is just like, like a ton of FF4's characters, incredibly bland. With him being the lead it just kinda makes me even more critical of it. Poor thing about him is that the whole Dark Knight -> Paladin thing just happens way way too early for me to really care. The transition happens so fast with the game starting up on this perspective-changing mission that it's just really impossible to see this "Dark Knight" part of him, and after that scene there's really not much going on with him. Golbez and Kain stuff sure... but they make me more interested in Golbez and Cecil... and not even that much.

But let me just say I looove the Dark Knight class, and his original design with it is awesome. Paladin? Uuuuugly duuuude, and to me Cecil is just Paladin Cecil.

Another thing that hurts him is Rosa. Lol. Absolute worst relationship in any game, there's nothing all interesting, emotional, or notable in any way whatsoever about it. Yeah it's like 95% Rosa's fault because she's just suuuch an empty character, but the relationship still drags him down with her!

Also as the face of FF4 he's pretty good at embodying everything that's wrong with it, all he needs is a sacrifice scene. Is it fair to put that on him? Probably not, but this is a husbando ranking and that's how he makes me feel!

also SMFFFC brings him down too sry
154. Zevran Arainai
Source: Dragon Age (1/1)
Nominator: Steiner (5/5)

... I honestly don't know why but I have always hated him. I can't really think of much reasons why. Nor can I really remember much about him, but since I have played Dragon Age I'm not gonna bother looking much up since the fact I don't remember much just speaks poorly about him in itself!

But uh. He's ugly. I think I've always hated that I think he's the only gay option in the game? Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I'm remembering and yeah that sucks. In games I generally love characters relative to others and in Dragon Age I really love Shale and don't care about Zevran other than finding him ugly and kinda annoying so I my hatred for him grows. And what's worse is that he really tries to be flirty and it's like "ew gross no back off"

So uh. Not much to this!
153. Cyclops
Source: Marvel (4/4)
Nominator: Not_An_Owl (5/5)

... This last one might bring some tomato tossers but sorry, I've always hated Cyclops! Let me just get it out there right now that I've never been a comic reader although I do films and video games of them and do read up on wiki entries for people I'm interested in which sometimes branches out to understand more...

I'm honestly not that well acquainted with him, but I've always thought of him as a total loser... and then when the movies came he's a total wiener competing against Wolverine who's totally awesome and Canadian so lol good luck there Cyclops. And yeah, Wolves is better with Phoenix in the movies. Yeahhhhh I guess this is the part of the rankings where I gotta say I'll be including media you might not've intended me to - I considered Movie Shinomori Aoshi earlier but he was very un-notable. Generally I tended to pull all the best I parts from each of a character's portrayal, but in Cyclops's case it's more just pulling out what I no which is wiener Scott.

I don't really know why I have him ahead of Zevran who I don't feel particularly strongly about , but one thing is I just really like X-men, I like mutants, and I like Cyclops's power which, while he's a total wiener, he's an iconic wiener with an iconic badass power.

I mean he's just like FWOOOOM HUUUGE BLAAASTTTT and it's awesome
152. Khal Drogo
Source: Game of Thrones (2/2)
Nominator: Johnbob (6/6)

in before "you should watch game of thrones".... you're right! I probably should!

*note, originally had him at 151 but changed my mind during this so maybe check that one first*

anyways, Khal Drogo's also ugly in much of the was Cesaro is... though he has hair..... but his face is abolutely uglier than his so hrm, just looking at him I'd place him lower so why do I have him up here? *goes to refresh memory*

... I guess his mission being for his wife? That could be taken as a positive but not confidently just given that. Everything else sounds pretty gross with the whole raiding and taking slaves. This lady putting him in a vegetative state for revenge sounds good, and me cheering for someone else offing you doesn't sound good for you Drogo <_<

I don't like beastly masculine types so yeah nothing good here

Okay I'm bumping him down, 152!
151. Cesaro
Source: WWE (1/1)
Nominator: mnkboy (5/5)

Oh hey finally another character I'm completely unfamiliar with. Yeah, I don't watch wrestling and I don't think I've even played a wrestling game since N64 - admittedly I love the game though. Actually the main memory I have when it comes to wrestling is that my brother's 8th grade teacher looked like Stone Cold Steve Austin and everyone always would say it, and then when he retired along with my JK/SK teacher we had an assembly and he put on a performance in class revealing himself as truly Stone Cold - even had his students (my brother and his best friend) charge at him and he would pick them up over his shoulders! Good stuff.

Oh right Cesaro. All of that was unrelated sorry! But this is the only wrestling character nominated so deal with it punks

um... he has a decent face but I despise baldness and with his outfit overall he's pretty repulsive looking to me. The face could give him potential to look nice but oh well! It appears to be difficult to really read up on wrestling characters so I don't have much to go on, I guess this means the first character I don't particularly dislike though!
150. Marcello Clerici
Source: The Conformist (1/1)
Nominator: voltch (5/6)

Already down 2, voltchins!

So... first of your assassins... he's definitely got a lot of baggage and it's like "yikes". I'm kinda barely skimming through summaries here but faking into a marriage for the job definitely isn't gonna help your husbando qualities! I'm dying trying to think of what more to say but he's really not love love quality, and while he's not an ugly beast like the previous unknowns, he's still very far from "attractive"

I'mma just end this one here
149. Luxord
Source: Kingdom Hearts (1/1)
Nominator: mnkboy (4/5)

Yeahhhh I haven't played Kingdom Hearts either. Not really a Disney guy, or that much of a Final Fantasy fan for that matter.

Whoopsies when I originally ranked him I didn't see the beard, and so with just the hair and face I thought he was pretty ugly but actually... not bad, and if I cared enough I'd probably bump him higher. His description kinda makes me think of Setzer... not that much of a fan either tbqh but uh not bad. Games of Chance kinda guy is okay. I can see this whole "advanced vocabulary britishness" and "air of sophistication" thing being pretty annoying though.

*shrug* I really hate ranking people I don't know
148. Samuel Vimes
Source: Discworld (2/2)
Nominator: Natwaf (6/6)

AAAH UGLY SUPER UGLY. Yup I don't know you either! In fact let me announce, for those who don't know me, I don't read books at all! yayyy

Sam is SUPER UGLY, he looks like a damn zombie aaaaa. Speciesist, drunk cop? Damn he sounds pretty hateful and negative which ain't what I want in a husbando. I'm a total non-drinker, so even drinking is a bit of a turn-off to me. However... he has a "reason" to drink oh god what, he has to balance out how incredibly super-sober he is without drinking?! wat. Alright I was thinking about bumping him down but that bit there is so ridiculous that I'll keep him. Awh but he quit.

Oh shit right he's a smoker, fuck no I should really bump him down a bunch because that's totally not husbando quality. Despise living with my brother's smoking already so I ain't gonna put up with that!

But yeah he doesn't sound all that bad though, as negative as this writeup has been >___>
147. Jesse Custer
Source: Preacher (0/1)
Nominator: Snake5s (6/6)

Whoops I guess I should put this under DC Comics? Whatever lazy, screw it

MOTHERFUCKER AGAIN WITH UGLY PEOPLE DAMMIT PUT A BAG ON YOUR HEAD. Actually he looks like a comic version of Bob Dylan... who I happen to have been named after.... but sry he's still really really really ugly. And a smoker again! Awful awful husbando quality for me!

Power wise... he's Lelouche? Not really thaaaaat much of a fan but you'll see on him later. Lelouche's limit to "only once" always made for cool necessary strategizing though which doesn't seem present here... but wiki calls him a strategist so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt!

I do like honourable guys though which is supposedly is, and he appears to use his Word of God power in pretty fun fuckin' around ways. He should learn some languages though since that's quite the limitation <_<

I'm probably making things up but he seems like a downer which I don't enjoy

also "Secret Jesus".. that's one hell of an anagram
146. Yukine
Source: Noragami (1/1)
Nominator: Raka (6/6)

Alright best appearance so far now. Adorable yet cool, much better than the beasts I've had so far.

But... personality seems a mess. Cold and cruel? Uh oh let's see. Upset that he died is understandable... but doesn't mean I'll accept a traitorous thief! Not sound all bad, just a kid... although the being a kid thing does kinda get in the way of "husbandoing" >_>

Damn did I read this all the way through originally? Second half really does seem like he's bettering himself although still flawed. I often do sympathize with jealous types too <___< I guess I just initially lumped him as many brat type characters from the earlier descriptions

Do feel sorry for him... poor babby... *urged to bump up*... aaah I'll just put it down as "babbies don't make good husbandos"

I definitely would've bumped him up higher if I did a deeper second pass but oh well, them's the breaks for not being familiar to me!
145. Sephiroth
Source: Final Fantasy (10/11)
Nominator: Lopen (6/6)

Yeahhh I've never cared for Sephi, but to be honest I get pretty biased from how overrated he is - but again this is a strong factor in husbando-ing! Like I'll often love people more in the reverse, characters that don't get appreciated enough, and they become like MINE and I shower them with love~


So Sephiroth. He certainly does have a way of bringing terror to the game... though the whole controlling clones to do his bidding doesn't have quite the same affect to it as if he personally saw to these things so when I think of Sephiorth I strongly just think of what he's been doing in the game in the planet's core.

Essentially this is how I see Sephiroth in VII:

His motives also just seemed really dumb and he's just like crazy and not in the cool kind of crazy either but the kind that you just look at him and go "no man.... you're drunk, go home"

He is attractive though I'll say that much
144. Tatsuya Shiba
Source: Irregular at Magic High School (1/1)
Nominator: ssknuxmagician (5/5)

Well right off the bat looking at him he's just the epitome of "generic anime male". Seems he's an expressionless type to boot which just couple terribly with the bland appearance. Annnd of course he's "intelligent and analytical", that's what I'd expect from an expressionless robot! Yikes this guy's just doing his best to be unspectacular! Literally everything just reads him as a robot which I've no interest in.

Seriously just read these lines and tell me they sound like an awesome person to be around.

He doesn't possess the ability to hate nor can he feel any strong emotions like fury, fear, despair, envy, hatred, disgust, gluttony, lust, sloth, and love (with one exception).
Contrary to the perceptions of many, Tatsuya has emotions...

... seriously these descriptions just sound like they're talking about a robot.

On the other hand it's not like I think he's awful in any way, he's just very utterly drab
143. The Jackal
Source: Day of the Jackal (1/1)
Nominator: voltch (4/6)

Another assassin from voltch!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah there's just so much mess to read and understand so that's it I'm half-assing this one hardcore

okay I actually do like assassin sniper types, and unlike your other noms, this one is a decently handsome guy (BLONDE!) so this is all decent enough for me

since I'm too lazy to find out his actual character I'll make something up uhhh he caught some kid stealing extra candy during halloween so he plotted for months to track him down and bring JUSTICE, this eventually reached its end during the boy's camping trip with his family as The Jackal perches up by the trees to take the killing shot. returns home safe and sound yay

I guess he's kinda fucked up to go through all of this for a child, but he DID ruin halloween for everyone else so he surely had it coming, I won't hold it against you Jackal
142. Gaius van Baelsar
Source: Final Fantasy (9/11)
Nominator: gravy (1/1)

Annnd another FF14 goes down!

I've nearly beat the base story missions of FF14, but uh... I never really noticed much at all about Gaius. He's kinda just seemed... there. Best thing I can say is him having Ultima Weapon, and <3 Ultima Weapon because FF6 Ultima Weapon... even if they're wildly different (ie. his one's like a mech)

But yeah. Gaius himself I've hardly been given any reason to care about him. On the plus side that also means I can't think of anything bad about him! But as far as husbandoing goes, I don't think I need to say it but he's not exactly a looker

Him being nom'd and me not getting a Thancred to rank makes me sad though because Thancred is total husbando quality. Kinda confused how much gravy is into him since (as I'm a decently active SMFFFC participant so it's not new knowledge to me!). Honestly always seeing Gaius listed in SMFFFC for the longest while I thought "who the hell even is that" despite playing through to level 50 in 14. Really unmemorable and unattractive dude.
141. Kaladin Stormblessed
Source: The Stormlight Archive (1/1)
Nominator: Murphiroth (6/6)

As with most characters I don't know I'll start by appearance: Not my type. Not ugly mind you, I can see the appeal... but it's just not the look that I'm into. Depending on the picture I guess since this is a novel character


this guy is pretty hot and I didn't really notice it before... but but... I don't know wth this is from so uh whatever not factoring it

So he's an honourable guy apparently which can be good, though "no matter how they treat him" could be fine but I lean more towards "probably not" since I've gone through so much Liu Bei in the last 2 months. I have no idea what lighteyes are but he sounds racist about them which is a big negative!

All else I can read up on I don't know how to really judge without context of how it plays out so I'll end this here
140. Neo
Source: The Matrix (1/1)
Nominator: Anna(gram) (3/3)

... Kinda really low, but I actually like the guy! But oooooh man I just can never really take him seriously so it's like... I don't respect him enough to husbando him. Still though I probably brought him a bit too low but oh well I'm going through with it.

So what do I mean? For starters... he REALLY doesn't fill out the Matrix full black trench coat sunglasses attire well. It's supposed to be a really cool-type outfit! Look at Morpheus!

Dude's a badass! That's the outfit done right! Neo? It's like... a bad cosplay. I could never take him as THE ONE seriously (or lmao, THE NEO). And as I've mentioned before I often husbando/waifu people relative to other characters from the material... and yes... Morpheus is my Matrix man.

However... damn he does have awesome fight scenes... those make me wanna raise him up because they take away that goofy image I have when I think of Neo.... aaaah WHAT'S DONE IS DONE

he also kinda reminds me of my brother... in appearance... annnd my brother had a bit of a trench coat & boots phase in his teens, while also dying his hair black. I don't wanna husbando my brother =_=
139. Angel
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2/2)
Nominator: GenesisSaga (6/6)

I forget sooooo much of Buffy, but I was very young when it aired and it's not like I was following it soooo

Let's start with appearance, reallllly not my type, just total douchebag hairstyle, particularly in this pic he looks like he could be in the backstreet boys or something. Actually, he's like a much younger yet somehow much less charming looking Stewart Francis

However he's not exactly in repulsive tier like the unknowns I have just below him. Like with Kaladin... I can see his appeal, he's not ugly, but he's not my type.

Annnnd now also like I said with Neo, I generally like characters relatively to others in whatever their from... and in this case, Spike drops him down sooo hard, especially so as they play such linked roles where you just HAVE to compare them and Spike is so so so much more lovable. When I look at them together Angel just comes across so plain while Spike just hits it home.

Well I dunno, "generic" probably isn't the right word since he can be pretty interesting but... I guess just compared to Spike...
138. Squall Leonhart
Source: Final Fantasy (8/11)
Nominator: Lopen (5/6)

Final Fantasy droppin' like flies!

Honestly I don't know how he's this high. The furthest I got in FF8 was literally the first dungeon, beating Ifrit, and Squall was really unappealing personality wise. Appearance-wise... he's also ugly. In FF8 on PS1 at least, god that face is terrible

this is really ew

However his Dissidia appearance (above) is pretty hot. Now while I haven't played that far into FF8... but when it comes to Rinoa he at least seems kinda sweet... not really knowing much I guess this is good enough to put him more "husbandable" than Gaius due to ignorance + benefit of doubt.
137. Ryotaro Dojima
Source: Persona (3/3)
Nominator: Regaro (4/4)

This is kind of an unfortunate ranking as so far I've only played very little of P4G, and what little I got from him I liked... but I really can't say I know him or judge him yet and it was pretty basic.

I don't really want to read up on him much because RPG I do wanna play and all so I'll keep this short and uninformed. He's a handsome man, I like the scruffy dad look albeit a bit generic.

I feel if I got to know him I'd put him higher, but as it is this is the best I can do =/
136. Superman
Source: DC Comics (2/2)
Nominator: Natwaf (5/6)

... Another one I'm not sure how he's this high. Never been a fan of Superman, I don't read comics but the whole overpowered thing makes it hard to be interested in him, and while I'm pretty ignorant of him he's seemed to much of a goody-goody (at the very least, he is in Smallville!)

I can't say I'm completely uninterested in him though, but what I've seen hasn't been great. I gave Man of Steel a shot and it really reinforced everything I thought about him and have said. Appearance-wise it's kind of a toss-up, I like the look of some versions... but I think most of them I'm a no on. Cartoons ugly, movie lame, Smallville "alright", Reeve okay, comics.... mostly cool, New 52 hot.

Being iconic does help though, and just familiarity I guess let's him come up this far... I do really like how Bill from Kill Bill talks about him at the end, it's a pretty good speech and makes Superman sound cool / interesting.... buuuut I kinda give that more to just Bill being awesome.


135. Keima Katsuragi
Source: The World Only God Knows (1/1)
Nominator: tazzy (3/3)

I've seen this show mentioned around and it sounds like something I should watch, but unfortunately this nom doesn't sound like a husbando for me!... which... I think might surprise people for some reason. Probably because he sounds total otaku, straight down to disinterest of 3d pig disgusting. I know I've got my own creepy image that I happily play around with, but honestly I'm not as serious as I lead on!

Anyhow yeah. Keima Katsuragi, or Otamegane, is well... a megane, which has never been my type, BUT he's actually got a really handsome design that work well with it. Unfortunatelyyyyyy, cold personalities are no good no good and he sounds like a dick... a delusional, detached dick in his own world and that's about all l can gather about him. Could be entertaining, but husbando? Nooooo, I'm a 3D man! He won't treat me well!
134. Kano
Source: Moral Kombat (1/1)
Nominator: flubbin (6/6)

Honestly I don't have much to say about him, or reason to bring him this far - he's physically unattractive (although to be fair, cyborg, and cyborgs are awesome), and I can't say that I've ever even used him or understood much about his character... but Mortal Kombat definitely has a place in my heart and this guy's been around since the start and MK1 gives me great nostalgia love.

Mortal Kombat's a series that really does well at creating a universe of characters with stories I can actually care about... but yeah... can't say Kano really stuck out for me ever, the most memory I have with him is his MK1 character select pic looking soooo evil. Gotta say he'd always be my bottom choice. Nowhere near Scorp god tier, or literal god Raiden.
133. The Punisher
Source: Marvel (3/4)
Nominator: Snake5s (5/6)

I don't have that much experience with Punisher, but the guy sounds a bjt mentally insane. I mean it makes sense with the whole tragedy of having your family murdered but woah this guy's cold blooded. On one hand it can be pretty badass... buuut crazy. I'm positive my brother would love him though. Appearance wise, meh... not ugly but nothing notable. Outfit works though.

What brings him up a bunch and makes him pretty hilarious though is Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe.

I can't even... what... omg. So much dumb but it's hilarious and I can only love him for it no matter how crazy it is. I mean how can I not love someone that just shoots Cyclops in the face?
132. Prince Rhaegar
Source: A Song of Ice and Fire (1/1)
Nominator: GenesisSaga (5/6)

... Seems nice enough? Appearance... I guess I'll give it to the best depiction I've seen (aka pic above), despite most of them being merely "okay". Because I really like that pic and that's probably most the reason he's up this high <__<

Not exactly much on this wiki about him other than "nice, quiet guy" which is all good stuff to me. There's something about a rape accusation! But uh nothing more than that.
131. Oberyn Martell
Source: Game of Thrones (2/2)
Nominator: Steiner (4/5)

He's definitely not the looker that Rhaegar is, but he's not bad. However there's clearly a ton more character in here than that dead dude so that brings him just ahead. He's a charmer, which I could tell just from his pic! And I can like guys like that... sharp, passionate, promiscuous with a decent enough looks? Yeah there's mentions of a quick temper but that just goes with being passionate, certainly a more likable personality.

annnnd that's all the aSoIaF / Thrones characters wheee
130. Jef Costello
Source: Le Samuraï (1/1)
Nominator: voltch (3/6)

Another hitman from voltch =_=

After going through the last couple decently positive write-ups I'm once more unsure how someone got this far but uh let's see...

Well compared to the other hitman, this one doesn't seem to have the same kind of uh, personal issues... instead this film at least sounds more intense so I'm kinda more interested in him. He still looks a bit generic hitman, but pretty cool / handsome, even if a bit too mature.

I'm a bit amused wikipedia bothers to mention "He even checks his hat but does not accept the hat-check ticket."

eh, I guess I'm okay with his placement here. Not like the last few were that great
129. Dave Strider
Source: Homestuck (1/1)
Nominator: SSBM_Guy (5/5)

Let me just preface this by saying I have never read anything Homestuck, and my only impression on it is being annoyed by fan obsession. I know, I know, unfair, but to be fair LtM often has that kind of effect, sorry!

Alright so this guy Dave Strider. I guess relatively to other Homestuck characters he looks pretty cool, although the Homestuck art style is a huge miss for me. But this guy's decent! But I'm not sure what these fanarts are based on but woah I like the hot blonde dude here

... I can't really point to a single piece that's "super hot", but just staring at the Google Image Search results and mentally mixing in an overall image is perfect. The blonde, the colour scheme, sunglasses, all just works so well.

Kinda hard to read his wiki, but he's someone that tries a lot to be cool and it sounds kinda cute and funny, and from most of the pictures I see I'd say he succeeds!
128. Robin Hood
Source: Disney (1/1)
Nominator: Lapin (6/6)

I hate Robin Hood. Well, the classic Robin Hood. He's ugly, I haaaaaaaaate renaissance, I never want to hear anybody speak, and I completely hate everyone around Robin Hood.

This one?... he's pretty cool, light on the renaissance... and uh... *cough*... he's pretty hot.


He's Robin Hood. And I freaking hate Robin Hood. Just huuuuuge, maaajor turn-off.
127. Mei
Source: Arashi no Yoru ni (1/1)
Nominator: Ermine (6/6)

... He's a goat. With a questionable gender, as despite the name "Mei", he's "a male goat in the film, and a female goat in the anime"....... oookayyyy

As uh... a goat... there's not much points to give on appearance. Although it's a very cute goat! I could definitely believe female goat but okay I like my androgynous husbandos.

But really this ranking is mostly based on the relationship Mei has with Gabu, a wolf that spends the night with Gabu despite neither of them realizing one's a goat and one's a wolf, which then buds into some sort of taboo friendship

It's very sweet, I wish I could have a companion as kind as the goat, someone to actually cherish my friendship to stand by me.............. wow this took a serious turn. But yeah, that's why a goat is up this high, a seriously good companion that I do want. A goat. Well done, goat.

though tbqh, Gabu sounds like the bigger sweetie-pie
126. Yamato Hotsuin
Source: Devil Survivor (1/1)
Nominator: Drak (4/5)

Back to human husbandos, and oh god this is exactly what you need humans for - this guy is freaking hot. Easily hottest character ranked so far (although that's not really saying much), so so good.

I didn't play much of Devil Survivor so let's see


Right, so he's smart but lacks common sense with in what I assume are more empathetic, societal manners which makes him pretty cold... I understand that though, my brother's similar in some ways. Actually yeah this continues on a lot like my brother - judging worth of an individual based on their capabilities. It can be a useful trait to have, but I'm prefer being more on the compassionate side.

Hrm. Yeah he should be higher, definitely would be if I was more familiar with the guy since I can sympathize with his faults pretty well, even as cold as he may be... and god damn is he hot. Really, he could be like super super high up on my list if I ever get to playing the game and he plays his cards right.

Oh well it's late and I got this much written so here he stays. I hope this is a sign of the ranking getting to more husbando-ables!
157-126 126-101 100-76 75-51 50-26 25-11 10-1